MIXCOOKIES : Clap de fin pour la mini-entreprise du collège

Après avoir vendu presque 200 kits MIXCOOKIES, voici venu le temps des récompenses. Le conseil départemental a tenu à féliciter toute l’équipe pour son implication et son sérieux tout au long de cette aventure. Des tee-shirts, des bobs, des sacs ainsi qu’un diplôme sont venus récompenser les mini-entrepreneurs.

Avec une partie des bénéfices récoltés, toute l’équipe s’est donnée rendez-vous au parc Grimpobranches ! Une super journée riche en émotions.

Rendez-vous l’année prochaine pour une nouvelle mini-entreprise ?

Découverte des métiers.

Vendredi 2 avril, face à la classe de 4ème D, une ingénieure céramiste,
Ariane DOSI, est venue présenter l’entreprise Belge “Belref” spécialisée
dans la fourniture de matériaux réfractaires destinés aux verreries,

Dans un premier temps, elle a abordé l’aspect organisationnel d’une
industrie, les métiers pratiqués et le process de fabrication de
matériaux réfractaires.

Dans un deuxième temps, elle a détaillé sa fonction et son parcours

Cette intervention s’est terminée par un échange qui a privilégié la
place des femmes dans l’industrie.


EPI aéronautique / Parcours avenir : Captain JB Toulouse at school!

YEAR 10 C :

Antoine : I enjoyed this meeting and his job is exciting but this is not the job I would like to do later because I prefer an outdoor job and I don’t want to love far from my family.

Rose : Sometimes he doesn’t see his wife and children for 5 days when he does long destinations. I think it must be hard.

Noa : According to him, we must learn from our mistakes because it helps to grow up and to succeed.

Pierre Louis : He has flown for 13 500 hours ! It’s a lot !

Lucas G : He is a captain but he is an instructor too.

Necip : He works at Air France company.

Raphaël : He has already flown the biggest plane which is the A380. He is currently flying on the A320 airplane.

Coline : He loves his job and is happy because every day is different !

Lucas T : He has travelled everywhere in Europe and even in the world ! He has visited a lot od countries./ He is lucky.

Khalil : He is a model to follow because despite his dyslexia, he became a pilot ! It encourages me in my studies.

Elena : I must continue my efforts to make my dreams come true. I should never feel discouraged.

Antonin : If you don’t speak English, it’s difficult to find a job.

Yaniss : He is French but he fluently speaks English. When he was at school, he studied German !

Ambre : He earns a very good living but the most important thing is that he loves his job.


Anissa : His longest flight is when he went to HongKong (a 14-hour flight).

Benjamin : He has had a lot of experience but he has got an exam on a flight simulator every year.

Nawel : Giving up is not an option ! Learning English is so important according to him.

Emma : Even if you’re bad at school, you can and must follow your dreams.

Emilie : Don’t give up and work hard in order to succeed in what you want to do !

Léane : It’s really important to be able to speak English to be a pilot.

Angèle : He is also an instructor : he teaches his job to future pilots.

Gabriel : When he was a kid, he used to draw planes.

Flavie : He is a captain and an instructor.

Axel : Before being a pilot, he was a steward ( a flight attendant)

Hugo : He has always wanted to fly. He was very motivated to become a pilot.

Léa P : He has flown with a lot of different planes : A380, A320 and B747

Alexis : When he said he wanted to become a pilot, his parents were confused.

Lola : He has been to many places in the world, like Canada, the Usa, Japan, China, Australia etc.

Eulalie : His dream was to become a pilot and he made it.

Year 10 E

Manolys and Elina : He often flies by night so he rarely sees the beauty of the landscapes !

Clémence : His story is very inspiring and motivating for me.

Marie : He has already met Brad Pit !

Zoé : He is not allowed to drink alcohol 24 hours before a flight.

Year 10 F

Adeline B : He used to be astewrad.

Léontin : In ordre to follow your dreams, you must be hard working.

Louna : TOEIC is an English test. It’s important to have a high level in English in many jobs.

Mael : One important thing he said is that we must do a job we want to do and we have to do everything we can to do it.

Lola : You should never give up despite the difficulties you may encounter.

Diogo : He didn’t use to have good marks at school.

Thomas : He didn’t like school but he is a pilot now.

Myrtille : I saw a man who was in love with his job. He explained to us that making mistakes was necessary in the learning process.

Camille : A pilot is allowed to handcuff a passenger who is putting the flight in danger !

Lesly : Here are my 2 questions to JB Toulouse and his answers : Are you stressed out ? No, never. Have you ever had an accident ? No, never.

Isaac : He has never wanted to stop his carreer.

Lily : He has already saved a passenger on board.

Matteo : He is rich ! He earns a lot of money.

Fantine : He has already had a famous passenger on board : President V. Giscard D’Estaing.

Exaucée : He is also an instructor.

Guillaume : We must believe in our dreams !

Clément : He speaks French and English. Fluently.

Year 10 G

Ziyad : English is an important langage which can offer several possibilities.

Ilhan : He was dyslexic but he succeeded.

Clément : To be a pilot you must be good at Science and English.

Appoline : He has never had an accident but he has already had turbulence on board.

Léo : His dream came true. He taught me to follow my dreams.

Noah : His wife is a stewardess. They have 4 children.

Lucie : He has read a lot of books !

Mélinda : He has been to a lot of destinations like the USA.

Valentin : He achieved his goal by becoming a pilot !

Rose : He has never wanted to stop flying. It was his dream. It’s a hobby.

Espérance : Confidence in oneself is important to suceed.

Aurore : He loves his job !