EPI aéronautique / Parcours avenir : Captain JB Toulouse at school!

YEAR 10 C :

Antoine : I enjoyed this meeting and his job is exciting but this is not the job I would like to do later because I prefer an outdoor job and I don’t want to love far from my family.

Rose : Sometimes he doesn’t see his wife and children for 5 days when he does long destinations. I think it must be hard.

Noa : According to him, we must learn from our mistakes because it helps to grow up and to succeed.

Pierre Louis : He has flown for 13 500 hours ! It’s a lot !

Lucas G : He is a captain but he is an instructor too.

Necip : He works at Air France company.

Raphaël : He has already flown the biggest plane which is the A380. He is currently flying on the A320 airplane.

Coline : He loves his job and is happy because every day is different !

Lucas T : He has travelled everywhere in Europe and even in the world ! He has visited a lot od countries./ He is lucky.

Khalil : He is a model to follow because despite his dyslexia, he became a pilot ! It encourages me in my studies.

Elena : I must continue my efforts to make my dreams come true. I should never feel discouraged.

Antonin : If you don’t speak English, it’s difficult to find a job.

Yaniss : He is French but he fluently speaks English. When he was at school, he studied German !

Ambre : He earns a very good living but the most important thing is that he loves his job.


Anissa : His longest flight is when he went to HongKong (a 14-hour flight).

Benjamin : He has had a lot of experience but he has got an exam on a flight simulator every year.

Nawel : Giving up is not an option ! Learning English is so important according to him.

Emma : Even if you’re bad at school, you can and must follow your dreams.

Emilie : Don’t give up and work hard in order to succeed in what you want to do !

Léane : It’s really important to be able to speak English to be a pilot.

Angèle : He is also an instructor : he teaches his job to future pilots.

Gabriel : When he was a kid, he used to draw planes.

Flavie : He is a captain and an instructor.

Axel : Before being a pilot, he was a steward ( a flight attendant)

Hugo : He has always wanted to fly. He was very motivated to become a pilot.

Léa P : He has flown with a lot of different planes : A380, A320 and B747

Alexis : When he said he wanted to become a pilot, his parents were confused.

Lola : He has been to many places in the world, like Canada, the Usa, Japan, China, Australia etc.

Eulalie : His dream was to become a pilot and he made it.

Year 10 E

Manolys and Elina : He often flies by night so he rarely sees the beauty of the landscapes !

Clémence : His story is very inspiring and motivating for me.

Marie : He has already met Brad Pit !

Zoé : He is not allowed to drink alcohol 24 hours before a flight.

Year 10 F

Adeline B : He used to be astewrad.

Léontin : In ordre to follow your dreams, you must be hard working.

Louna : TOEIC is an English test. It’s important to have a high level in English in many jobs.

Mael : One important thing he said is that we must do a job we want to do and we have to do everything we can to do it.

Lola : You should never give up despite the difficulties you may encounter.

Diogo : He didn’t use to have good marks at school.

Thomas : He didn’t like school but he is a pilot now.

Myrtille : I saw a man who was in love with his job. He explained to us that making mistakes was necessary in the learning process.

Camille : A pilot is allowed to handcuff a passenger who is putting the flight in danger !

Lesly : Here are my 2 questions to JB Toulouse and his answers : Are you stressed out ? No, never. Have you ever had an accident ? No, never.

Isaac : He has never wanted to stop his carreer.

Lily : He has already saved a passenger on board.

Matteo : He is rich ! He earns a lot of money.

Fantine : He has already had a famous passenger on board : President V. Giscard D’Estaing.

Exaucée : He is also an instructor.

Guillaume : We must believe in our dreams !

Clément : He speaks French and English. Fluently.

Year 10 G

Ziyad : English is an important langage which can offer several possibilities.

Ilhan : He was dyslexic but he succeeded.

Clément : To be a pilot you must be good at Science and English.

Appoline : He has never had an accident but he has already had turbulence on board.

Léo : His dream came true. He taught me to follow my dreams.

Noah : His wife is a stewardess. They have 4 children.

Lucie : He has read a lot of books !

Mélinda : He has been to a lot of destinations like the USA.

Valentin : He achieved his goal by becoming a pilot !

Rose : He has never wanted to stop flying. It was his dream. It’s a hobby.

Espérance : Confidence in oneself is important to suceed.

Aurore : He loves his job !

Un pilote d’avion au collège

Dans le cadre de l’EPI aéronautique et dans le cadre du parcours avenir, les élèves de 3è ont eu la chance, lundi 09 décembre 2019, de rencontrer monsieur Kémy Clodion qui finit actuellement sa formation de pilote de ligne chez EasyJet sur A320. Merci encore à lui pour sa venue au collège.

Les élèves lui ont posé des questions en français et en anglais. Bientôt, vous pourrez écouter le reportage préparé par les élèves du club de la Webradio du collège à ce sujet.

En attendant voici déjà quelques impressions d’élèves (de 3G et de 3D) en anglais suite à cette intervention :

Kloé, 3G : His presentation was great. he conveyed his passion for planes to us.

Maël, 3G : What he said really captivated me. It was a dream come true.

Henri, 3G : Kemy has visited many countries thanks to his job despite his young age. He’s only 24.

Alice, 3G : You must be really motivated to become a pilot because you must learn many technical things, and everything is in English!

Mila, 3G : It was really interesting.

Firmin, 3G : you must work hard to become a captain.

Amelyn, 3G : I liked Kemy’s cheerfulness. All his efforts in his professional course were rewarded because he’s going to work for the EsayJet company.

Nazym, 3G : you needn’t do the “BIA” exam (Aeronautics Initiation Certificate) to become a pilot but it’s a really good experience.

Candice, 3G : Flying is a fascinating job! Kemy’s experience was impressive to me.

Jacques, 3G : The most important thing is : never give up if you have got a dream in mind.

Mathilde S, 3D : I didn’t know you can fly if you wear glasses.

Maureen, 3D : I have learnt many pieces of information about how to become a pilot. It was great.

Iléana, 3D : The salary of a pilote is high!

Marie, 3D : We asked a lot of questions in French and in English. It was interesting.

Léa G, 3D : He had to pay a lot for his training but it was the price to become a pilot!

Anaïs B, 3D : Kemy said : “you mustn’t give up your dreams”

Le club BIA à l’héliport du CHU

La promotion Golf, de la formation BIA est allée sur le site de l’Héliport du CHU de Reims, rencontrer leur parrain de promotion et pilote du Médicoptère  : Alban GARNIER. Une formidable immersion dans un milieu professionnel extraordinaire : les urgences médicales héliportées.

Visite prévol de l’hélicoptère, découverte de l’intérieur de l’hélico, de son fonctionnement, des explications et histoires de son métier, par ce pilote hors pair, très disponible.

Prochaines échéances : jeudi 17 mai, Tour de Contrôle de Roisy. Mercredi 30 mai : épreuve du BIA.