Freedom of speech (4)

C’est au tour des 3G de s’exprimer dans leur discours ” We want a better world”.


Censorship should be banned. I want the freedom of expression to be respected everywhere.


I agree with you. I want people to be open minded. They should stop judging and criticising. I want to express my opinion without being judged.


You’re right. I want people to stop talking badly. We should stop wars and live in peace. We should ne nicer people.


Yes, the world needs peace. Learn to forgive others and learn to be sorry. If someone disagrees with you, it does not make them your enemy. Speak with them to find a solution. We don’t have to be a president or a politician to make a difference.


People can change the world. I want them to fight for equality. They should remain united. They should be brave. They should be desirous to mutual understanding.


In order to live in peace, I want to avoid a nuclear war! I don’t want  any countries to start a nuclear war.


We shouldn’t live in war because many civilians are mistreated, separated from their families and killed. I want people to find solutions to problems by bringing peace. They should not respond with violence.


Lets’ fight for equality! I want people to be aware of the different issues in the world.


Then, in order to live in a better world, I want to start by stopping racism. We are all the same. We should be equal.


We all should bring about change for our children to love in a better world. I want to fight to obtain a world without racism, without violence and where people can express their opinions freely.


Next, in order to live in a better world, we should take care of our animals. I want to fight against animal suffering. We should create a legal status for animals to protect them more. Consider a pet just like a sibling!


After that, health is also an important issue. We should care more about health. So as to live in a better world, i want the coronavirus to disappear. We should find a vaccine quickly.


Then, I want to stop pollution : I want to heal the planet.


The planet is dying. We should stop polluting it. We should drive less and ride more.


I want people to like riding more.

Aicha :

Smokers should be punished when they throw their cigarette butts on the floor in the streets. They should get a fine.

Léo :

I want to find an ecological and renewable energy too.


Good idea! I also want to heal the planet and stop global warming. I want people to stop using plastic. They should reuse.


And they should recycle too. I want to have less pollution on earth.


There are other things we should do in order to live in a better world. We should stop bullying at school for example.

Ilhan :

Then, I want everything to be free! We shoud forbid money in our world!


Next, I want food and water to be free everywhere in the world.


To protest and denounce these issues, we should share videos for example


I agree with you. But we should always check if the content of a website or a video is fake or not.  I want people to stop attacking others on the Internet or in the real life.


To conclude, we want death, war, money and disease not to exist in our better world. Let’s create this peaceful world together!

Freedom of speech (3)

Les 3è E et leur discours en anglais: “We want a better world”.


In order to live in a better world, I want a world without pollution so as to protect animals.


I want people to be more ecological because we should heal the planet. For example we should recycle and reuse. Don’t use plastic bags anymore!


I agree with you Zoé. And I want to protest against people who throw their masks in the streets.


We should be careful. I want to stop pollution. We should ride bikes instead of driving a car!


Moreover, in order to live in a better world, we should listen to what others have to say without judging or being judged.


I want a world where we do not discriminate.

Enrique :

We shouldn’t attack people who haven’t got the same colour of skin.

Léane :

I want to express my opinion without being accused or threatened. And I say “NO” to racism.


We should join our forces to fight against inequalities like racism. We shouldn’t avoid problems. I want people to fight for a world in peace every day.


Next, in order to get a better world, I want to speak up and say ” Stop arguing for nothing”


You’re right Manolys. I want people to say hello to each other in the streets. We shouldn’t be afraid of being killed in terrorist attacks.


We should share a video about the freedom of expression so as to get a better world.


I want people to fight for equality and for the freedom of expression.

Tom :

In order to have the freedom of speech, we should respect the human rights. We should condemn the people who break the rules.


After that, in order to live in a better world, I want to protest so that all the children can go to school. It’s very important.


Children should have the same right to be educated. It makes them better citizens, helps them to stand up for what is right. Moreover, we don’t think enough about it but donating feminine hygiene products is very important because not all women have access to them. This problem leads to humiliation, isolation, discomfort but also infections and it prevents girls from going to school.


I agree with you Clémence. I want every child to live in good living conditions. And I also want women to be respected in our society.


Men and women should be equal. I want equality between men and women.


Let’s fight for this equality! We should do this together!


In order to live in a better orld, I want equality and freedom.


We should stop violence agaisnt women. Women and men should equal. We are the same. Don’t discriminate other people.


I want women to be respected. There is too much hate against women. Women should earn the same salary as men.


Then, I want people to respect each other. I want them to respect every religion and every difference.


We should help others. We shouldn’t be violent.


So as to live in  a better world, I want to denounce physical bullying at school. we should stop bullies to bully.

Let’s act together! To conclude, we should be aware of these different issues so as to live in a better world.

Freedom of speech (2)

C’est au tour des 3F de s’exprimer librement en anglais. Ils nous disent ce qu’ils veulent pour vivre dans un monde meilleur et nous donnent des conseils pour y parvenir.


In order to live in a better world, we, year-10 pupils from Paulette Billa middle school, we want to speak freely.


Yes, in order to live in a better world, I don’t want people to be violent. We shouldn’t be violent. We should be calm. We shouldn’t kill.


I agree. We shouldn’t fight or cause harm to others. I want us to be able to express our opinions without hate. I want to create a better world. I want equality too.


I want to live in a peaceful world where everyone loves each other.


Moreover, I want to forbid unfair treatment. I want everybody to respect their neighbours so as to develop brotherhood. In order to respect our neighbours, we should be polite with them.

Lesly (replaced by Manel)

I want a world without differences. We should stop to argue for nothing.

Adeline B.

I also want to be free. We shouldn’t attack people and we should be better people.


Yes, let’s fight for human rights. I want people to fight for the Human rights. I want to put an end to racism.

Lola B

We should all live together. I want nobody to be excluded.


I agree with Lola. I want everyone to help each other so that there are no differences between us.  I also want to make photos, videos , songs and posters to make people react.


Then, in order to live in a better world, I want to fight against coronavirus. We should wear the mask.


You’re right Lucas. And I want to stop polluting the planet.


I want people to stop thinking only about money. But I want them to start thinking about the earth, the blue planet. If we lose it, we lose everything we have.


I agree with you Mael. We shouldn’t use plastic. We shouldn’t throw paper on the floor. I want to heal the planet. We should stop buying useless things.


I want people to respect animals, to stop slaughtering them. I want to heal the planet. I also want equality between men and women.


Next, we shouldn’t be harmful. We should think critically. I want to express my opinion.


In order to live in a better world, I want equality. We should fight for equality.


We should speak freely. I want people to express their opinion.

Adeline S

I agree. I want people to express their opinion freely.


Moreover, we should be allowed to practise our religions quietly.


I want to live in a world where people can practise their religion without being scared of others. I would like a world without terrorists.


I want the religions to be equal. We shouldn’t fight because of a religion. I also want rich countries to help poor countries.


I want to change people ‘s mind. We should not accept the bullies’ behaviour.


To conclude we want a world without violence and wars. Let’s not hurt! We want equality. We shouldn’t be judged because of our gender. We want all countries to have the right of the freedom of speech and to express their opinions.


People should protest to bring about change.


And we should eat more local products to limit pollution. Let’s heal the planet!

Manel :

Please, let’s act together! Let’s fight for a better world

Freedom of speech (1)

Ecoutons aujourd’hui les élèves de 3D qui s’expriment librement en anglais. Ils nous expliquent ce qu’ils veulent afin de vivre dans un monde meilleur et nous donnent des conseils pour y parvenir. Vous pourrez bientôt écouter les autres classes de 3è s’exprimer également sur ce sujet.

Théo : To begin with, I want to reduce pollution and racism in our world.

Emma : I agree with you Théo. We should create a “planet day” : once a month we can’t use our car. We should walk or ride a bike.

Raphaël We should be aware of the environmental issues like climate warming. I want to convince people because it’s an important issue.

Gabriel For example, in Marseilles in the south of France, last year in December it was 20 celsius degrees. It’s too hot. It’s not normal.  I want to put an end to pollution. We were born on this earth. We should take care of it. We should clean the oceans and the seas.

Manel  Moreover, I want to stop bullying because I think many kids are bullied at school. We should talk about bullying at school.

Alexis: Yes, bullying destroys lives. I want to stop bullying. I also want sexism to disappear because it’s unfair.

Issam :  Next, I want people to express their opinions without being threatened.

Angèle I agree with you Issam. I don’t want wars of religions. I want people to accept each other and to accept differences. We should accept ourselves.

Léane We should not insult people. We shouldn’t be harmful. We should forbid racism.

Eulalie I want racism not to exist. I want everybody to be equal.

Benjamin I agree with you Eulalie. I want equality to go viral in the world. I want the human rights to be respected everywhere. We should discuss issues.

Nastasia And I want everybody to be happy. We should be free and we should love people.

Léa P I want people to be a better person, a better child, a better sibling, a better pupil. I want people to be more respectful.

Léa G I will repeat the same thing because it’s important. I want people to be respectful. We should respect each other.

Anissa I agree with you. I want people to accept freedom of speech. Communication is the key. We should talk kindly and politely. We should listen to what people say.

Flavie You’re right Anissa. I want people to be free. I want people to express their opinion freely.

Lola  We should not be enemies. I want people to always help others in any circumstances. I want the humans not to be racist. I only want a world where we live peacefully.


I want us to stop judging people based on the colour of their skin, their religion or their gender. We should try to understand ecah other instead of being stubbornly opposed to things that other people can’t even change. In order to get that, we should sign petitions, speak out on the social network, we should inform people, we should watch videos which explain the issue.


Moreover, I want men and women to earn the same salary.  And In order to get a peaceful world, I want people to stop making differences between white and black people. We should try to change racist people’s mind.


I agree with you Sacha. I want to live in a world without discrimination. We should accept people who are from a different community : Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual for example


After that, in order to live in a better world, I want to heal sickness. The coronavirus kills a lot of people every day. This is horrible. It’s not fair for the family who sees someone close dying in front of them without being able to act. We should fight this disease with the barrier gestures. Wear your mask! Keep the distance! Save lives!


So as to live in a better world, I want to get rid of money. Money creates possessions, conflicts and wars. We should share everything we have. We should forgive others.


Yes, we shouldn’t fight for something that we don’t know and that we don’t have.


Finally, we want you to help us. We want to bring about change, to bring peace everywhere we go and we want everybody to be happy without any judgments. Stop egoism, favoritism, racism.


To conclude, we want you to share a peaceful world with us.  We want to heal the planet with you, together.

Présentation des projets eTwinning 2020-2021

La situation actuelle ( pourtant compliquée partout en Europe et ailleurs depuis la rentrée) n’a pas réfréné l’enthousiasme de nos partenaires sur eTwinning qui sont, plus que jamais, motivés et impliqués pour travailler avec nous en ANGLAIS.

eTwinning est en effet un moyen idéal d’abattre les murs de la salle de classe, de partager notre travail et nos idées, de développer des compétences du XXIè siècle et d’établir des liens avec d’autres élèves à l’étranger.

Les élèves de 3è C, F et G travaillent cette année avec des espagnols, italiens, ukrainiens et turcs sur un projet intitulé : “From Inspiration To Action”. Nous tenterons de convaincre les gens d’agir en faveur de la santé et de l’environnement mais aussi contre le harcèlement et le racisme. Pour le moment nous en sommes aux présentations de nos villes et de nos équipes. Voici nos amis eTwinneurs italiens:

Les élèves de 3èD travaillent avec des espagnols et des serbes sur un projet intitulé “SAY NO TO ALL -ISMS”. Il s’agit de combattre ensemble et de dire NON à certains mots se terminant en -ISME comme le racisme, le consumérisme et le validisme. Voici un extrait de la présentation de l’équipe serbe :

Enfin, les élèves de 3èE travaillent avec des espagnols sur un projet intitulé ” THE WHEEL OF WELL-BEING”. L’objectif étant de faire le tour des différentes clés du bonheur et du bien-être. Nous aborderons donc la santé, l’alimentation et le sport entre autres. Voici un élève espagnol qui a renseigné son profil sur le Twinspace (nous corrigerons ses quelques fautes en classe!) :