We have got a new English assistant. Her name is Rebecca WILSON. She is 21 years old. She was born on August 28th, 2000. She is English and Irish (because her mum is Irish).

Rebecca lives in Leeds, in the north of England. Her parents are teachers. Her father’s name is Matthew and her mother’s name is Deirdre. She has got one big sister named Eve who is 22 years old. Rebecca has got a cat called Sooty. Sooty is 16 years old.

Rebecca has got a lot of hobbies. She likes reading, running, singing and musicals. She loves travelling and going for walks. She speaks English and French. She is friendly and funny. She loves champagne, apples and “les pains au chocolat”.

Her favourite animals are tigers,

her favourite colour is pink,

her favourite season is summer,

her favourite country is Ireland,

her favourite series is “Stranger Things”,

her favourite actress is Zendaya,

and her favourite singer is Taylor Swift.

She is afraid of spiders!

Roxane and Insijam, 5B