Freedom of speech ( 5)

Et voici aujourd’hui le dernier discours sur la liberté d’expression. Celui des 3C.

Ils ont répondu à la question suivante : what do you want? What do you want to do? What do you want people to do in order to live in a better world? What should we do to live in this better world?


To begin with , in order to live in a better world, I want to fight for Human rights. We should bring about change in the world.


I think the Human rights and the freedom of expression are not respected enough. Some crimes are not forgivable. We should punish people who don’t respect them.


The freedom of speech is important. I want to express my opinion too.


In order to respect the freedom of speech, we shouldn’t threaten. We shouldn’t argue for nothing.

Lucas T

I don’t want any religion, any countries and any possessions in our world. We shoud all be friends.


I agree with you Lucas. We shouldn’t be harmful. We should talk freely. I want to express my opinion without being judged.


We should condemn people who judge! I want people to stop attacking other people.


I don’t want people to kill other people because they don’t have the same opinion.


I want to discuss issues : we can’t overcome what we ignore.


We should put an end to wars. We shouldn’t be violent. we should be polite to help others and live all together.


Then, I want less pollution in order to live in a better world.

Nataël (texte lu par Loa)

I agree. we should pollute less and use the cars less.

Jean (Texte lu par Noa)

In order to live in a better world, we should improve our way of life and stop polluting. Change your habits. If we act together, we will see changes.


I agree with you Jean. I want my children and grand children to grow up in a better world without pollution and without plastic.


I also think we should bring about change by changing our behaviour for the future generation. We should protect them now.


I want us to stop using plastic because it’s not good for the environment. We should act.


I want to heal the planet too. We should not do scientific experiments on animals.

Lucas G

We should stop pollution because it destroys the world. We shouldn’t use plastic anymore. I want people to reuse.


Moreover in order to live in a better world, I want equality between men and women.

Steve (lu par Pierrick)

And I want equality between White and Black people. I want to fight for this equality. I want to protest and demonstrate.

Mathis (lu par Lucas T)

I agree with you. Racism should be abolished. I also think that we should share our food to prevent starvation.

Khalil:(lu par Yaniss)

After that, so as to live in a better world, we should wear the mask to stop Coronavirus to spread.


Finally, I think we should forbid the right to carry weapons because it’s very dangerous. People who are not intelligent enough can kill people. It’s useless too. I only want the police to use weapons to protect the citizens.


To conclude, in order to live in a better world, we should be aware of different issues : for example about Human rights, environment, racial and gender issues, freedom of speech and health