Freedom of speech (4)

C’est au tour des 3G de s’exprimer dans leur discours ” We want a better world”.


Censorship should be banned. I want the freedom of expression to be respected everywhere.


I agree with you. I want people to be open minded. They should stop judging and criticising. I want to express my opinion without being judged.


You’re right. I want people to stop talking badly. We should stop wars and live in peace. We should ne nicer people.


Yes, the world needs peace. Learn to forgive others and learn to be sorry. If someone disagrees with you, it does not make them your enemy. Speak with them to find a solution. We don’t have to be a president or a politician to make a difference.


People can change the world. I want them to fight for equality. They should remain united. They should be brave. They should be desirous to mutual understanding.


In order to live in peace, I want to avoid a nuclear war! I don’t want  any countries to start a nuclear war.


We shouldn’t live in war because many civilians are mistreated, separated from their families and killed. I want people to find solutions to problems by bringing peace. They should not respond with violence.


Lets’ fight for equality! I want people to be aware of the different issues in the world.


Then, in order to live in a better world, I want to start by stopping racism. We are all the same. We should be equal.


We all should bring about change for our children to love in a better world. I want to fight to obtain a world without racism, without violence and where people can express their opinions freely.


Next, in order to live in a better world, we should take care of our animals. I want to fight against animal suffering. We should create a legal status for animals to protect them more. Consider a pet just like a sibling!


After that, health is also an important issue. We should care more about health. So as to live in a better world, i want the coronavirus to disappear. We should find a vaccine quickly.


Then, I want to stop pollution : I want to heal the planet.


The planet is dying. We should stop polluting it. We should drive less and ride more.


I want people to like riding more.

Aicha :

Smokers should be punished when they throw their cigarette butts on the floor in the streets. They should get a fine.

Léo :

I want to find an ecological and renewable energy too.


Good idea! I also want to heal the planet and stop global warming. I want people to stop using plastic. They should reuse.


And they should recycle too. I want to have less pollution on earth.


There are other things we should do in order to live in a better world. We should stop bullying at school for example.

Ilhan :

Then, I want everything to be free! We shoud forbid money in our world!


Next, I want food and water to be free everywhere in the world.


To protest and denounce these issues, we should share videos for example


I agree with you. But we should always check if the content of a website or a video is fake or not.  I want people to stop attacking others on the Internet or in the real life.


To conclude, we want death, war, money and disease not to exist in our better world. Let’s create this peaceful world together!