Freedom of speech (2)

C’est au tour des 3F de s’exprimer librement en anglais. Ils nous disent ce qu’ils veulent pour vivre dans un monde meilleur et nous donnent des conseils pour y parvenir.


In order to live in a better world, we, year-10 pupils from Paulette Billa middle school, we want to speak freely.


Yes, in order to live in a better world, I don’t want people to be violent. We shouldn’t be violent. We should be calm. We shouldn’t kill.


I agree. We shouldn’t fight or cause harm to others. I want us to be able to express our opinions without hate. I want to create a better world. I want equality too.


I want to live in a peaceful world where everyone loves each other.


Moreover, I want to forbid unfair treatment. I want everybody to respect their neighbours so as to develop brotherhood. In order to respect our neighbours, we should be polite with them.

Lesly (replaced by Manel)

I want a world without differences. We should stop to argue for nothing.

Adeline B.

I also want to be free. We shouldn’t attack people and we should be better people.


Yes, let’s fight for human rights. I want people to fight for the Human rights. I want to put an end to racism.

Lola B

We should all live together. I want nobody to be excluded.


I agree with Lola. I want everyone to help each other so that there are no differences between us.  I also want to make photos, videos , songs and posters to make people react.


Then, in order to live in a better world, I want to fight against coronavirus. We should wear the mask.


You’re right Lucas. And I want to stop polluting the planet.


I want people to stop thinking only about money. But I want them to start thinking about the earth, the blue planet. If we lose it, we lose everything we have.


I agree with you Mael. We shouldn’t use plastic. We shouldn’t throw paper on the floor. I want to heal the planet. We should stop buying useless things.


I want people to respect animals, to stop slaughtering them. I want to heal the planet. I also want equality between men and women.


Next, we shouldn’t be harmful. We should think critically. I want to express my opinion.


In order to live in a better world, I want equality. We should fight for equality.


We should speak freely. I want people to express their opinion.

Adeline S

I agree. I want people to express their opinion freely.


Moreover, we should be allowed to practise our religions quietly.


I want to live in a world where people can practise their religion without being scared of others. I would like a world without terrorists.


I want the religions to be equal. We shouldn’t fight because of a religion. I also want rich countries to help poor countries.


I want to change people ‘s mind. We should not accept the bullies’ behaviour.


To conclude we want a world without violence and wars. Let’s not hurt! We want equality. We shouldn’t be judged because of our gender. We want all countries to have the right of the freedom of speech and to express their opinions.


People should protest to bring about change.


And we should eat more local products to limit pollution. Let’s heal the planet!

Manel :

Please, let’s act together! Let’s fight for a better world