Freedom of speech (3)

Les 3è E et leur discours en anglais: “We want a better world”.


In order to live in a better world, I want a world without pollution so as to protect animals.


I want people to be more ecological because we should heal the planet. For example we should recycle and reuse. Don’t use plastic bags anymore!


I agree with you Zoé. And I want to protest against people who throw their masks in the streets.


We should be careful. I want to stop pollution. We should ride bikes instead of driving a car!


Moreover, in order to live in a better world, we should listen to what others have to say without judging or being judged.


I want a world where we do not discriminate.

Enrique :

We shouldn’t attack people who haven’t got the same colour of skin.

Léane :

I want to express my opinion without being accused or threatened. And I say “NO” to racism.


We should join our forces to fight against inequalities like racism. We shouldn’t avoid problems. I want people to fight for a world in peace every day.


Next, in order to get a better world, I want to speak up and say ” Stop arguing for nothing”


You’re right Manolys. I want people to say hello to each other in the streets. We shouldn’t be afraid of being killed in terrorist attacks.


We should share a video about the freedom of expression so as to get a better world.


I want people to fight for equality and for the freedom of expression.

Tom :

In order to have the freedom of speech, we should respect the human rights. We should condemn the people who break the rules.


After that, in order to live in a better world, I want to protest so that all the children can go to school. It’s very important.


Children should have the same right to be educated. It makes them better citizens, helps them to stand up for what is right. Moreover, we don’t think enough about it but donating feminine hygiene products is very important because not all women have access to them. This problem leads to humiliation, isolation, discomfort but also infections and it prevents girls from going to school.


I agree with you Clémence. I want every child to live in good living conditions. And I also want women to be respected in our society.


Men and women should be equal. I want equality between men and women.


Let’s fight for this equality! We should do this together!


In order to live in a better orld, I want equality and freedom.


We should stop violence agaisnt women. Women and men should equal. We are the same. Don’t discriminate other people.


I want women to be respected. There is too much hate against women. Women should earn the same salary as men.


Then, I want people to respect each other. I want them to respect every religion and every difference.


We should help others. We shouldn’t be violent.


So as to live in  a better world, I want to denounce physical bullying at school. we should stop bullies to bully.

Let’s act together! To conclude, we should be aware of these different issues so as to live in a better world.