Who is Amy?

On Thursday, October 11th, we met the American assistant in English class. We asked many questions like ‘What’s your name ?’, ‘How old are you ?’ ‘Have you got any brothers and sisters ?’, ‘Have you ever visited Europe ?’, ‘What will you do after ?’ etc… Here are her answers.

First, her name is Amy McConnell. She was born in Huntsville, Alabama in the USA so she is American. She is 27 years old. She is a student and she also has 2 part-time jobs : one at a fitness studio and the other one at a brewery. She also babysits and dog-sits. She doesn’t have have any children but she has got 2 dogs and one nephew who is 7 months old. She has got 2 older sisters too. They are 29 and 31 and their names are Meg and Marianne. One of her sisters lives in New York. Her parents are Kris and David.

Then, she loves France and the French culture. She has already lived in France : in 2013, she went to Aix to Provence. She has already visited Belgium, Sweden and England too. In the USA, she visited New Orleans, San Francisco and many other cities.

Finally, her favourite colour is purple and her favourite sport is baseball. She likes a lot of things. For example, rock and pop music, the Mexican food, ‘the Lord of the rings’, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling.

Written by 4D and 4E classes.